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Virtual Servers

Private server instances on shared hardware

Our new Virtual Server line is ideal for customers who need the power and flexibility of a private server but have limited memory and CPU requirements. Leveraging the power of virtualisation, we deliver a secure and isolated private server on our shared hardware platform.


A single physical server is shared between up to 16 clients and the power of your virtual server is a fraction of the physical server as dictated by your requirements. The following is the specification for VPS 1 unit.

  • HP BL460c c-class Blade Server
  • Two Intel Xeon 2.66GHz Cores allocated per client, max 12% usage across the cores.
  • 256MB Fully Buffered DIMM PC2-5300 exclusive memory
  • 9GB disk space per client on 10,000rpm SAS drives in RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration
  • Additional storage easily added via our iSCSI storage solution.
  • Private VLAN on a Gigabit Ethernet uplink
  • No transfer charges between your virtual and physical servers on your private VLAN
  • Remote KVM console
Product Max CPU usage Memory Disk Space Transfer Setup fee Monthly fee
VPS 1 12% 256MB 9GB 64 kbps $100 $49
VPS 2 25% 512MB 18GB 128 kbps $100 $89
VPS 4 50% 1024MB 36GB 256 kbps $100 $159
VPS 8 100% 2048MB 72GB 512 kbps $100 $259

Clients utilising more than their allocated resources will need to upgrade to a higher package. This may require migrating to another host server.

Standard features

Isolated and Secure: Your server is isolated using VMware virtualisation technology ensuring that your data is secure from other users.

Reliable: Installed on high-quality HP hardware and using the proven VMware virtualisation technology.

Full Access: You have full root/Administrator access to your virtual server as if it were a dedicated server.

Multi-core: Multiple CPUs appear to your operating system enabling high-performance threading and multi-tasking. Your peak usage is monitored for billing according to the plan you select.

Online KVM: Enables you to control the keyboard and mouse of your virtual server from anywhere in the world using the VMware Server Console, even when the server is booting. Power cycle instantly whenever you need to. You can even connect your local DVD drive or image to the server to enable you to install an operating system. It's just like being right in front of it.

Gigabit Ethernet: All servers are connected at 1000Mbps to our Gigabit backbone and are capable of bursting (unless you request otherwise).

Private VLAN: Your servers are placed on a private VLAN enabling secured communication between them, and ensuring that you are not charged for inter-server transfer.

Operating System: The latest release of Debian GNU/Linux is installed as standard. Other operating systems or software installs available on request.

Full Open Source software suite: Your server is installed with the Apache 2 web server, MySQL database, PHP 5 and associated libraries and packages, enabling you to start hosting websites immediately.

Internet Bandwidth: 64kbps (95th percentile) transit is included in the package.

IP Addresses: 3 usable IP addresses are included by default.

Monitoring: We monitor your server and notify you if it becomes unavailable.

Additional options

OS installation: We can install an alternative operating system for you if you wish. (N.B. you are responsible for arranging any necessary licensing and remaining in compliance with the license terms).

Software installation: We can install any software you may require.

Control Panels: We can install Plesk or cPanel/WHM or your choice of control panel to allow simpler management of your server via the web.

Systems Administration: For most operating systems, we can offer the services of our qualified sysadmins to manage your server as required, either on a one-off basis, or with a set number of engineer hours per month.

Additional Storage: If you need more disk space, we have storage arrays to meet your needs. You can access your disk space using the standard iSCSI protocol over your regular Gigabit Ethernet port. This makes the disk appear as a normal mount point or drive letter on your server. The iSCSI system will be in your own private VLAN, so you are not charged for transfer.

Online Backups: We can arrange scheduled or continuous backups either locally or offsite, to a schedule you specify.

Additional Bandwidth: Please contact us for a quote.

Additional IP Addresses: If you need more than 3 IP addresses, we can allocate you a larger block of addresses. This is subject to justification per RIR policies.

Custom Monitoring: We can monitor specific services, applications or status (such as available disk space) on your server.



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